Principal Hahn's Weekly Enotes

Principal Hahn's Weekly Parent eNotes
Posted on 12/12/2016
Principal eNotes
eNotes 10/13/17

Dear Parent:

We had a wonderful week at JMS! On Thursday we celebrated our annual Pink Day to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Many of our students and staff participated and it culminated with a Breast Cancer Walk hosted by the Student Council at Walpole High School last night. I have included a few pictures below.  

Please note, that on Monday, October 16th at 7:00 pm we will have our monthly PAC meeting. We welcome all parents and look forward to seeing you there. In addition, you should have received a fundraising letter from PAC that was sent home yesterday with your student. If you did not please check your son or daughter's backpack. 

Finally, this morning I sent an email to all parents concerning our Parent -Teacher conferences. I have copied the email again below for anyone that may have missed it. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Best, Bill

Parent - Teacher Conference email:

As you know, our Parent-Teacher Conferences begin next week. We offer three days of conferences in order to accommodate all parents' schedules: October 19th from 6:00pm - 8:30pmOctober 26th from 6:00pm - 8:30pm, and October 27th from 12:15pm - 2:30pm. 6th grade parents should note that the middle school format is very different from the elementary conferences.  Parents are required to select one of the three dates offered, but are not committed to designated time-slots to meet with teachers. You are welcome to meet with teachers at any time during the conference time-frame.

Individual conferences will be held in each teacher’s classroom; therefore we recommend you have a copy of your child’s schedule which has the classroom location listed.  For your convenience we have attached a JMS floor plan to help you navigate the school, we will also have the floor plan available at conferences.  You can select which teachers you would like to meet with and wait outside their classroom for your conference.  Conferences should not exceed five minutes in length. If you have specific concerns or problems that require further discussion, subsequent meetings may be arranged with individual teachers.  Academic Progress can also be checked on X2 at any time. 

If you are planning on attending conferences please sign up now using this link:  


We look forward to seeing you and want to ensure you have the opportunity to meet with your son/daughter's teachers. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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October 16 – PAC Mtg. 7pm

October 17 – Quebec Parent Meeting @ BMS – 6:30pm

October 19 – Parent/Teacher Conferences 6pm-8:30pm

October 23-27 – JMS Scholastic Book Fair

October 26 - 8th Grade Tri-County Visit

October 26 – Parent/Teacher Conferences 6pm-8:30pm

October 27 – Early Release – 11:30am

October 27 – Parent/Teacher Conferences 12:15pm-2:30pm

October 30 – Mexican Artisans visit JMS

October 31 – Halloween Dodgeball Tournament

November 1 – End of 1st Term

See announcements: Note to 8th Grade Parents – Tips for Chromebook Care, JMS Scholastic Book Fair – October 23-27, JMS Can Drive 2017, Town Emergency Notification System, The Magazine Drive is Coming!, JMS Lost and Found is getting full!, Walpole Special Education PAC Meeting 10/23/17, Taking Stuff Apart Extension, Drama Costume Cooperative, Walpole Children’s Chorus, Project Safe Childhood Presentation for Parents, JMS Cell Phone Policy, Amazon.com and Stop & Shop A+ Rewards.

Note to 8th Grade Parents – Tips for Chromebook Care

Ask your student to try not to carry the Chromebook in their backpack.  Backpacks tend to get banged around and risk damage to the Chromebook.  If they must carry the device in a backpack, please stress they use a bit more caution and take care not to drop it.

Please explain to your student not to carry pens or pencils inside the case with the Chromebook.  Having these items in the case or closed in the Chromebook could cause damage to the device, especially the screen.

To preserve battery life, students should shut down the Chromebooks when not in use.  Please note, simply closing the lid does not shut down the device.

The devices should remain in the cases at all times, even for charging.  Please be aware when charging the Chromebooks leave the zipper on the charging side of the case open.  The zipper can unplug the charger if the case is zippered.  Also, when moving the power cord around, it may become unplugged from the AC brick.

When charging the devices, leave the zipper on the charging side of the case open. If the zipper is closed up near the plug it may cause the charger to unplug and the device will not charge.

Accidents happen when the device is not used, handled, or stored appropriately. Please remind your student that they should not be walking and typing, trying to use the device while standing, picking the device up by the screen, or leaving the Chromebook on the floor where it could be stepped on. These are all ways we have seen Chromebooks damaged.

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming!

The Book Fair will be set up in the school lobby October 23rd - 27th.  Students will have an opportunity to preview and shop for books before school, during homeroom, silent reading and during lunch block.  Sixth graders will be previewing/shopping at the fair with one of their team teachers. The Book Fair will also be open during parent/teacher conferences on the 26th and 27th of October allowing parents and students another opportunity to make purchases.

There are still some openings on the volunteer schedule if there are any parents who would like to volunteer.  Please contact Susan Stewart-Racicot at sstewartracicot@walpole.k12.ma.us.

Thank you for the continued support of this event.

JMS Can Drive 2017

During the week of October 23 - October 27, Johnson Middle School will be doing a Can Drive to give money to help support the victims of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Houston and Florida are completely devastated and need our help to repair things. We are planning on exchanging the cans for money, so if you have empty cans at lunch please put them in the bin that will be provided in the cafeteria. We will also be collecting cans in the morning. There will be a bin in the front office for the cans to be collected in. We will be collecting cans on the week of parent teacher conferences so if parents would like to donate cans, as well as the students, it would be greatly appreciated. We are accepting soda as well as seltzer cans. All of our donations will be going towards three charities. We will be donating to the Feeding South Florida charity where for every dollar you give, 3 meals will be provided. We will also be donating to the Houston Food Bank charity and the Americares foundation for Hurricane Irma, where every 10 dollars provides 200 dollars in aid. The JMS community needs to help those in need during these times. We can do it!

Town Emergency Notification System

The Town of Walpole has a telephone Emergency Notification System. This system is used to notify residents and business owners in emergency situations, as deemed necessary. To access Code Red/Swift Read-  Go to Walpole website www.walpole-ma.gov.  On the left, the first link under quick links-Sign up for Emergency Notification (click link and sign up).

The Magazine Drive is Coming!

Please WAIT to renew your magazine subscriptions purchased through last year’s Magazine Drive until we kick off this year’s drive in November!

More info coming soon…

JMS Lost and Found is getting full!

"The Lost and Found is starting to get full.  Please check in the cafeteria if you have a missing sweat shirt, lunch box, water bottle, etc."

Walpole Special Education PAC Meeting 10/23/17

Please join the Walpole Special Education PAC meeting to discuss parent rights and a meet and greet with John Queally, Director of Student Services.  Please see attached flyer for more details.

Taking Stuff Apart Extension

The JMS Taking Stuff Apart Extension is looking for donations: old phones (mobile or otherwise), that old boom box from the '80s you used to use, computers, tablets, printers (they are actually a big hit - lots to take apart), virtually anything else electronic you have. 

Items do not have to be working or even in good condition. Any electronics that we can disassemble, we will. Desktop computers and printers are some of the best items because they have so many interesting parts! We can also wipe hard drives when we take them apart if you leave us a note with the computer/laptop.

The only things that we can't use are TVs/monitors of any type. Laptops or all-in-one computers are fine.

If you would like to donate, please drop your donation in the main office (or have your student bring smaller devices directly to Mr. Colchamiro's room).

Drama Costume Cooperative

Thanks to Patrick Shields and the Walpole Rec. Department, WHS, BMS and JMS are excited to announce the formation of the Costume Cooperative located at the East Walpole Rec. Center.  Through this generous donation of space, all three schools’ theater groups will be able to combine their costume inventories.  As we prepare for the big move we are seeking donations of the following items which you may already have around your home:


-Ironing Board



-Garment Racks

-Large Plastic Storage Bins

-Folding Table

-Hangers (Plastic or Wood)

If you're interested in volunteering your time to assist us with the cleanup phase of the project please contact your building's drama club advisors.

WHS: Jim D'Attilio (jdattilio@walpole.k12.ma.us)

BMS: Dave Cuzzi (dcuzzi@walpole.k12.ma.us) and Lisa Goldman (lgoldman@walpole.k12.ma.us)

JMS: Kim Calandrelli (kcalandrelli@walpole.k12.ma.us) Elizabeth Smith (esmith@walpole.k12.ma.us)

Walpole Children’s Chorus

Walpole Children’s Chorus is for students grade 4-8 with musical instruction, vocal training, and performance opportunities.  If interested, please see attached flyer.

Project Safe Childhood Presentation for Parents

The United States Attorney’s Office will present at Elm Street School on 10/18/17 at 7:00pm on Keeping Children Safe and Secure Online.  Parents of all grades are welcome.  Please see attached flyer for more information.

JMS Cell Phone Policy

A point of emphasis this school year will be limiting cell phone use during the school day. Our students will have access to technology and we believe it is important that cell phones stay at home or in the student locker during the day. We will need your support to enforce this rule. Cell phones can be a wonderful tool, but unfortunately they have proven to be incredibly distracting to our learning environment. Even the anticipation of a text, snap chat message or call can preoccupy a teenager's mind and interfere with learning. We know cell phones are a great resource during an emergency, but if you ever need to contact your child please call the main office and we will help facilitate that communication. In addition to emergencies, we are happy to facilitate communication to students about daycare or transportation changes that cannot wait until the end of the day.  Please contact us if you have questions about this policy.

Amazon.com and Stop & Shop A+ Rewards

Amazon.com: Please use the link on the JMS website to connect to Amazon.com and JMS earns points toward gift cards the school can use to purchase items.  We can earn points just by shopping through the Amazon link on the JMS website!

Stop & Shop A+ Rewards: JMS has registered for the Stop & Shop A+ rewards program.  Parents can register their Stop & Shop card and designate JMS (ID #10288) as their A+ school.  JMS will receive money every time you use your Stop & Shop card.  

William Hahn
Eleanor N Johnson Middle School