MS Summer Reading

Johnson Middle School students are required to read a minimum of two books during the summer. All students have one required title based on their grade level and one other book of their choice from the Summer Reading List 2018-2019, for a total of two books.

Required Reading TItles

 Students Entering 6th Grade  Refugee by Alan Gratz  Refugee
 Students Entering 7th Grade  Lucy & Andy Neanderthal (Book #1) by Jeffrey Brown  Lucy & Andy Neanderthal
 Students Entering 8th Grade Mark of the Thief (Book #1) by Jennifer A. Nielsen   Mark of the Thief

You are encouraged to take notes while reading your required grade level book. A Note-taking Guide and a Chapter Summary sheet are available below to help you organize your thoughts. The Science teachers will have an assessment or assignment for you shortly after you start school in September. If you have read the book and taken a few notes, you should be able to successfully complete the assignment.

Upon completing your second selection from the Battle of the Books list, fill out a Ten Battle Questions form. The directions are on the form. Bring your notes and your Ten Battle Questions to school in September.
Read as many extra books from the Battle of the Books list as you would like. We are hoping you are just not able to stop reading! Fill out a Ten Battle Questions form for each extra book you read, especially if you plan to be on a Battle of the Books team.
Remember that this program is designed to encourage you to enjoy reading and to read for pleasure during the summer. Some students wait until the very end of the summer to read because they think they might forget what they read by the time school starts. This can definitely take the pleasure out of reading. If you read the book carefully and take a few notes to help you remember, you should have no problem in September, even if you read the book in June.

Battle of the Books

During the school year, middle school students have the unique opportunity to become part of a team of readers and participate in America's Battle of the Books. Students on a team work to read all of the titles on the list and then participate in a trivia competition against other teams.

Summer Reading Documents

Battle of the Books List 2018-2019 - Printable PDF

Ten Battle Questions Form

Note Taking Guide for all Grades

Chapter Summary Form for all grades