Welcome to the Johnson Middle School! It is not always easy being a middle school student, but our staff works hard so each student can grow and be successful.  Knowing that every student's educational journey is different, we strive to support each student along the way to foster his/her individual growth as a learner.  At JMS, we understand the importance of a strong partnership with our parents to ensure our students are able to meet their greatest potential both inside and outside the classroom. While each student may have his/her own unique academic challenges, we want our students to view their intelligence with a "growth mindset"- the belief that they can learn anything with concerted effort and work ethic.  

Johnson Middle School believes in a living mission statement that is rooted in our Core Values: Invested, Grateful, Compassionate, Gritty & Innovative. More than just words, we believe our Core Values give us something to strive towards by taking risks and working hard to become scholars and explorers.  We know at JMS that it is important to be able to adapt to an evolving world, but our Core Values act as foundation for us to seek excellence and find greatness even in our failures.

We hope that you find the resources within our website to be helpful and supportive of our district’s mission to “educate all students to achieve excellence”. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you do not find the information you are looking for through our website. We look forward to another exciting school year!

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